Clean Living Made Easy

Cleaning Made EasyNot I have to say I have mixed emotions about cleaning. I LOVE for my surrounding to feel clean and organized. I feel as though I function better and I am more present. It has also always been an outlet for me. When I am stressed, I clean. When I am agitated, I clean. Sometime, when I am inspired, I clean. My roommates in college used to joke about leaving their dirty dishes or messes out during finals time because they knew I would clean them up. My therapy was there win.

Now, we have established why I clean and that I do not hate it. However, having children, I realized that my time is very valuable. Although, I could clean all day, I do not want to. My children will not grow up and say Wow, my mom always kept a clean house. I also do not want their memories to consistent of me running around my home like a MAD WOMAN cleaning the house.

Let’s face it. Our time is valuable. Whether you are a working parent or a stay at home parent, you have a full life. In my opinion, cleaning should really not cause us stress and should only be a small portion of our living. It should not distract us from being present, from being the parents that we want to be. If you do not have children, it should not stand in your way from enjoying life.

So, how do you change this. Well, it will look different from everyone. I started by talking to husband and determining what his vision for our home was. It was different from mine, but I needed to know what those non-negotiable items are for him. For instance, he likes our main room to be clean and free of clutter. It is the first place that our guest and that we walk into as a family. I need our sinks to be clean and the counters to be free of clutter. If they are not, I feel like I cannot make dinner for my family.

Our shared vision was to having a maintainable home that we could keep fairly clean with 20 minutes of cleaning per day. The ultimate goal was to prevent me from cleaning all weekend and the frat party appearance by Wednesday. UGH.

The organization process really helped. But we needed to come up with a plan to clean and manage these processes. Below are my tips for maintaining. I will expand on these tips under this section of the blog.

  1. Daily Kitchen Maintenance
  2. Always keep cleaning supplies in the rooms they will be needed. I.E. Kitchen and Bathrooms. (Of course, keep out of reach of children).
  3. Through a load of laundry in before work and put it in the dryer after work.
  4. Clean up the bathroom when your kiddos are in the tub, if they are able to sit without assistance.
  5. Batch Clean.
  6. Do not jump from room to room.
  7. Keep a place for everything and put everything away.
  8. If it will take a minute or less, put it away to prevent the mess.
  9. It takes a family to make the mess. It takes a family to clean it up.
  10. Set a timer.

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