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I have a small house. Some may call it shabby chic or a unique fixer upper. I will not disagree, but I do love my home. It is perfect for my family and I. We moved into our home in July of 2017. So, we have not been in our first home for a year yet. We have done much work to make this house our home. One of the areas that we quickly learned needed some work was our entryway. We do not really have much of an entryway which can cause much clutter and anxiety in our living room. As you recall, physical clutter in my home makes me feel like my brain is cluttered. Plus, this is the room that guests first see and enter. It also needed to house many of our “need to leave with belongs.” These belongs include: the diaper bag, my purse, my husband’s wallet, work bag, keys, shoes, jackets, and seasonal wear.

Okay, so let us put this all together. My family needed a place to house our jackets, seasonal wear, my purse, my work bag, my husband’s wallet, keys, and shoes in a small space. That is a must have. On our wish list was a place for outside toys, which also tend to pile up here. We needed to determine a budget and timeline. I feel that organization is a process, so timeline is something to consider. Remember it is a process and your needs will evolve with time.

So, now that my husband and I determined what we needed in this space, a budget, and a timeline, it was time for me to go to work. This process took about 2 months for me to complete only because I took my time to find what I was looking for in my budget and that would fit in the space.

We utilized a small cube organizer from Target. It has four cube stations that allow for a 13 by 13 inch cube each. This is tucked nicely near our sofa. We were a little creative with position. Placing the cube storage in this position allow space for most of our need to leave with belongings. It stores my work bag/purse, diaper bag, and two cube storage bins. These bins contain seasonal wear, the dog leash, and fun summer time toys. I also had purchased this long table at a Resale Store in the fall. It does not take up a lot of space, but allows for décor. I like to use all of my space intentionally. Note, I added these small, galvanized storage bins under the table. These bins hold our shoes. I am surprised that most often the shoes actually make it here! I also bought these great hooks on Amazon. My husband placed these hooks at “adult” level and at “child” level.

As I have discussed, it is important to make each space designed for everyone in the family. I also want to encourage and teach my children to take care of their belongings and keep our space cleaned up. Our space is carefully designed to allow for this naturally.

I came in budget, timeframe, and so far it seems to be effective (most days). Design your space for you and your family. It may not look like the cover of an HGTV magazine. But my entryway is functional and allows us to use the space we have the best in our home for our family.

Share this with friends and family. I hope this inspires you to take a look at your entryway. A functional entryway allows for a more efficient morning and more organized home. Get started today!

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