Dirty Little Sock Secret

My little secret is that….Are you ready??

I HATE, HATE folding socks. I really hate it. It is something I really avoid. One thing that I hate the most is that it NEVER fails you lose a sock. UGH! I just really hate it. So, what have I done about this in the past couple of years? Well…nothing productive until recently.

Over the past few years (Yes…YEARS), I have put all of the lonely, missing pair socks in a basket. A BASKET! Why? Well, I guess I keep assuming that I will find its match and remember I hate folding socks for this very reason. This basket stresses me out and this in turn makes me hate socks even more. That may be why I do not wear them…unless it is really called for.

Sock Basket

Real life people…Momma lost her mind.

This past Friday, I was sitting in my living room folding laundry with my husband and I thought to myself, Why on earth do I have a sock basket? Does this serve my family? I have a sock basket because I do not want to be wasteful and I HATE folding socks. Okay, but is it serving anyone to have a basket of lonely socks? No. It is not. This is something I have control of. The crazy run around in the morning trying to find paired socks for my family is completely in my control.

I grabbed the sock basket. I folded any socks that truly had a pair. I threw out all of the socks that I could not find a pair for. It was refreshing! The sock basket was gone! I will not allow another sock basket to pile up. I can control this stressor.

Is there something that stresses you out in your home? It is a mindset change, but we are in control of some of our stressors. We have a choice. We can be stressed by a simple sock basket or we can remove that from our home. We can cleanse our family of this and improve our mornings. Now, there are far worse things in life than a sock basket. Things that we cannot control. In those instances, we need to learn how to react and work through those difficult times. This is something that I will not let stress me out anymore.

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Thank you for listening.


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