1 Simple, Cost Effective Solution to Bathroom Organization

1 Simple bathroom solution

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One of the largest barriers to individuals deciding to organize their homes is cost. Cost can be a factor, but I do not think it needs to prevent you from organizing. I truly believe in the power of an organized home and the great benefits that it provides to your health. I have talked before about the importance of setting a budget and looking for cost effective solutions to organize and manage the important items in your home that serve your family. You may not always have time to re-purpose an item. Can you use an conventional item, unconventionally?

The answer is of course. There really are no rules! Only the unwritten rules that we have placed on ourselves. With a little imagination, you can create your own rules which will provide you the freedom to get organized on any budget. Convinced yet?

Well, let me show you one simple solution to organizing your shower/tub. One of my biggest pet peeves are the numerous bottles of soap and shampoos that collect on the tub surround. I hate it. Some conventional shower organizers can be expensive and I have had them mold…not great. So, here is one simple, cost effective solution…Are you ready?

shower org

Shower Organizer

Now, when you click on the link to view and purchase this amazing, clever shower organizer, you will notice that the organizer has rings to attach to your shower rod. Now, I have used similar models in the past and did try to use this on my shower rod. However, it is heavy, it falls, and gets stuck. A little frustrating when you have a working, family shower. So, solution…

Notice at the top of the image, I have attached three command hooks to the shower wall and then hung the organizer to the hooks. It works wonderfully. It is not in the way and best of all the contents of my shower have one location and it is not the tub surround. It is very cost effective!

Command Hooks

Now, you may be wondering, do I just toss out the hooks from the organizer. You can. If it is not serving your family, you absolutely can. But you also have another option. You can use them in your closet to hold accessories, such as scarves, purses, belts, and ties. Just a thought. No waste and an easy re-purpose solution.

Do you believe me yet that you can have an organized home on a small budget? If you need solutions to your home’s challenges, schedule a call with me. I would love to assist you with the area of your home that is currently causing you to feel stuck or causing some level of anxiety. That does not need to be your reality.

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Thank you for walking alongside me in my journey to intentional living. I hope this resonates with you or someone you care about.

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