10 Practices to Reduce Spending

10 Practices to Reduce SpendingAnother way that I live intentionally is through being more purposeful financially. Now, this is a process just like organization is. It will take time, but here are a few tips to get you started! Who does not LOVE saving money?

  1. Dollar Tree Products

I love Target, right? Who does not? My idea of a perfect date is a trip through Target, leaning on my cart, looking at everything, and drinking some coffee. Literally, that is the path to love. BUT where can I save money, so I can spend a little more on things that I love. Take a trip to the Dollar Tree. You can purchase pretty much anything from Dollar Tree. You can elevate your décor with basic frames, floral, candles, flower pots, kitchen supplies, and basics, like cleaning supplies. You may be surprised about the great finds that are hidden at the Dollar Tree. My family and I started buying our basic products at Dollar Tree and saving a lot of money. TRY IT!

2. Target Restock

Target Restock is AMAZING! You can order many of your basic needs before 7pm and receive your order the next day. With your Target  Red Card, shipping is free! I have been able to order diapers, baby wipes, and pantry basics, like coffee. I need my coffee.

3. Order Online and Pick Up

I love ordering products online at Target. When I go into Target, I want to look and touch everything. I am more likely to impulsively buy products or items that I do not really need. So, how do I shop at this store with intention? I order many of my products online and pick them up in the store. It reduces my temptation to purchase things that I do not really need. They can typically complete your order with 1-2 hours and it is ready for you to pick up. Additionally, you can add another person to pick up your order. That may help if you know that you will be tempted to look through the aisles.

4. Order Groceries Online and Pick up or Have delivered

Yes, you heard me. Order your groceries online. There are several options that allow you to order your groceries online. With many online grocery options, you are able to add products to your cart throughout the week. I love this because it helps to prevent me from forgetting something, which causes me to make multiple trips and spend more.

It also allows me time to search for coupons, which helps save money on the products I would normally purchase in the store. Yes, it does take a little bit of time, but remember I do this throughout the week and I am more likely to purchase everything I need at a discount and not take multiple trips.

As you are shopping, it also allows you to have a visual of the costs in your cart. This helps you be more aware of your spending and prevent you from overspending!

Where do you do this?

Walmart does allow you to purchase at least $30 in groceries and basics and pick up at the store. There are several time frames to chose from and it is a free service. Additionally, you do not even need to go into the store! You park your car outside the store, check-in (you can check-in when you are on your way), they take your items out to your car, and pack your car for you!

Hyvee allows you to order a minimum of $100 online and have it delivered to your home. This saves you gas money because you do not have to drive to the store. It is great!

Peapod is another options to order your groceries and basics and have them delivered to your door. Great service! Individuals are professional and help bring your groceries into your home. Save on your first order today with 60DAYSFREE at checkout.

AmazonFresh is a new option. I have not tried this yet. But I love the idea of Amazon delivering me my groceries.

5. Do not checkout RIGHT AWAY

I love shopping online. Amazon is a wonderful thing. Add the product to the cart, but do not checkout right away. Leave it there for a day or two. This will help you determine if you really want to purchase this product and prevent impulse buys.

6. Set a Budget

Set a weekly or monthly budget. This budget should include all bills, debt, groceries, basics, eating out, etc. Need a little help starting your budget? I recommend the EveryDollar App. It is a Dave Ramsey App, so you know that it is great. It will help you be more intentionally with your spending!

7. Set a Spending Limit or Give Yourself an Allowance

For purchases over $100, I do not buy without talking to my spouse. You can set your own limit. If you do not have a spouse, set a limit of $100 and talk to a friend/support person. Review your budget before purchasing or leave it in your cart for a day or two.

Give yourself an allowance and define how you use it. So, maybe your allowance covers eating out or other “fun” things throughout the week. Try using cash for this because it will make it easier for you to stick with your budget.

8. Use Cash

Take out cash weekly for your spending needs. How does this look? Use envelops or an accordion folder to segment your funds. Define your funds like groceries, Target, eating out, gas, etc. This will help you keep your budget because once the cash is out, then it is out!

9. Manage Your Online Bank Account

I have the great ability to transfer money easily to and from my savings. I love it! I try to only keep the money in my checking account I need. I have enough in my checking account to cover the necessities (bills, debts, food, basics) and $500. I do not like to go below that in my account. Pretend your savings account does not exist. This will help you save and be more intentional about your funds!

10. Repurpose

It is amazing to me the amount of things you can repurpose. When I use that term, I am talking about using an object like a formula container for storage or by using an item in my home in an unconventional way. I love looking for new ways to use a common object in your home. Maybe you have a musical instrument, but it stays in the corner collecting dust. Put it on your wall! Use this object intentionally as décor. It now has a purpose.

Use some or all of these tips to spend money more intentionally. Always remember to ask yourself, Does this serve myself or my family? This question has helped me to declutter and spend money more intentionally. It is simple and measureable.

Thank you for following me through this journey. I hope you are starting to or are actively beginning to define intentional living for yourself!

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Go on and live intentionally!



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