5 Life – Changing Practices You CAN Add Today

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Over the past several months, I have really been living my mission of redefining my life in my pursuit for a more intentional living existence. When I started this journey, I had no idea the great impact the small changes that I was making would make. Honestly, I started to feel some changes and no to an extent that something was happening when I began to share with this blog. Still, I do not think I yet knew the magnitude. After much self reflection this weekend, I wanted to share with you the benefits of a few of these life – changing practices.

Now, I want you to remember that not everything I do or discuss will be impactful for you. Ultimately, I am trying to guide you or motive you to start ACTION today. If there is something you are not happy with or a feeling you are to do more, than act now. Imperfect action yields results!

De-clutter Your Living Space

Refer to many of my previous blog posts. De-cluttering my space was the way I needed to start my journey to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was the act that allowed me to start to feel in control of my destiny, my home, my life, and give me the strength/motivation to continue to make changing. For me, I enjoy organizing and making my living space pretty. I had lost that in my depression and in motherhood. I thought I needed to be someone different. I thought my home needed to be something different. The truth is that God gifted me these children because I am the right mother for them in this time. Me. No one else. So, that is not the me I should be or need to be. But the me I am! Organizing my space reminded me of who I am! I found joy in this.

I know that when you living space is cluttered and organization does not come naturally to you, it can be challenging to determine where and how to start. Please reach out to me. We can get on a brief call today and I can help guide/motivate you in making those first steps. You can do it!

Create a Manageable Cleaning Schedule

I really like all of the benefits of Batch cleaning. I think it really helps me to get more done in the week and have less to focus on over the weekend. With a more organized space, I am also able to pick up a little faster. Again, less time designated toward maintaining a home and more time living! Also, involve the entire family. It takes everyone in your home to make a mess, so it needs to take everyone to help pick it up. There involvement will increase their buy in toward keeping their space clean because it is far more enticing to live vs. clean.


Yes, meditation was a really challenging one for me. I have tried meditation from time to time, but really found it to be frustrating. My brain does not shut off. It does not quiet easily. I recall saying to myself about two months ago that my brain does not like to be quiet and there is no reason I should ask it too! That is not who I am.

That is true. Quiet has never been something I have embraced. I talk all the time! However, it is in this quiet that I have learned to be more mindful and present. What does this look like?

Here is an example of how I believe meditation has helped me to be able to become more mindful and present in my daily life. This past weekend, I got up before the rest of the house, brewed a cup of coffee, and went out to my deck with my dog. Our house backs up to a loud, busy street and immediately there seemed to be a lot of distraction. My mind began to think about what I needed to do that day, about the condition of the yard, the summer project list, etc. In that moment, I took a long deep breath, slowed down my mind and drank my coffee. As I drank my coffee, I just enjoyed the beauty of the leaves on the trees, of my deck, and sky. I was just simply enjoying the present and where I was then. It was very relaxing.

I suggest downloading a meditation app on your phone or tablet. There are many to choose from and I have tried different apps. I like Calm the best at the moment. There are many free programs and it has a breathing activity to help you slow down your breath. I am by no means at expert in meditation, but I am starting to notice the difference!


I discussed self-care in a past blog and this is a topic or concept that I have struggled with. When I thought of self-care I would tell myself that it is selfish, it costs money, and I do not have time. In reality, it is not selfish. When I put time into myself, I am more productive, loving, patient, and have more to give to those around me. It does not have to cost money and it does not need to take much time.

I have already discussed how self-care fills me up. It creates more energy for me and allows me to be more giving to those around me. So, it is not selfish. It is necessary and helps you be the person you want and need to be.

Is self-care expensive? Self-care could cost you money, if you want it to. You can put money into getting a massage, getting a pedicure, etc. These are not wrong by any means. If you are low on funds or a really new to self-care, I would challenge you to consider other options. For me, self-care is getting up before everyone and drinking my coffee hot and in peace. It is also taking a hot shower before anyone wakes up and enjoying my favorite essential oils. It is taking the time to fix my hair and do my make up. It is also taking a walk when I need a break or writing this blog. All of these things fill me up!

I do not have time for self-care. I would argue that you do have time for self-care. Look at your morning routine. What did your morning look like this morning? Can you get up a little earlier? Did you spend time scrolling on social media? Did you spend time cleaning the bathroom? There is nothing wrong with sleeping in or scrolling through social media. These too could be your version of self-care. However, if you do not feel energized or fulfilled, I would challenge you to shorten your social media scroll and replace all or some of that time with a peaceful walk or a facial mask! Something simple that gives you energy and produces a calm within you.


Yes, I know this is another big one that is often a challenge for many of us. We all know we need to exercise, but building it into our schedules can be challenging. I think it is important to clarify what exercise or activity you like doing. If it is simply walking, then do that. There are several great apps available on your phone or tablet that can provide you great results with little time. Try a few different options to determine what works best for you. I enjoy weight lifting and yoga, so these more physical exercises are easier for me to want to do. I also do not feel like I have much time to designate to exercise, so quick walks or my 7 minute app are great additions to my day.

Granted, there are days that I am not able to add all of these practices in. I need to give myself grace when this happens. I am a full-time working mother, a wife, a mother, and a daughter. So many labels to go! Anyways, life is important and there are times when we will need to make trades. That is okay and expected. However, I am starting to notice that I do not feel as energized on days when I miss out on these little tips and tricks. This was a gradual build for me. I slowly added these practices into my life starting with de-cluttering. It is also important to remember that it takes about 21 days to make anything a habit. Everything listed above is a practice. So, it takes time to develop the skills needed and to see the benefits in return. It is worth the work you put in!

Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with on your journey. What are your pain points? How can you start implementing imperfect action today?

Thank you for joining me and for your continued support!


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I am a hardworking, full-time mother of two beautiful children under the age of two. When I became a mother for the first time almost 2 years ago, I changed greatly. Being a mother is one of the most amazing roles and I am grateful for the blessing. It is also one of the most challenging jobs, whether you are a working mother or a stay at home mom. Working through postpartum depression, I determined that the challenges of motherhood and life seemed to be overshadowing the many joys of motherhood. With much research, I found that the same words continued to pop up: intentional, purposeful, and mindful. This led me to start thinking about how I can be more intentional, purposeful, and mindful in all aspects in my life. The thought is really profound and overwhelming because it could be a major change for my family. I believe in this change and I am jumping into this journey with the great support of my husband. Here I am blogging about my journey. Please join me!

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