4 Ways to Involve Family in Organization

4 ways to org for a fam

This morning I did not want to get out of bed! Well, actually let’s be real…off the couch. My son did not sleep well, so I did not sleep well. I ended up falling asleep on the couch, sitting up with him. UGH! So when that alarm went off, I really did NOT want to wake up.

Anyways, when I finally pulled myself off the couch, I needed to complete all my normal tasks. I woke up. I let out the dog, fed the dog, made myself some coffee, got ready, and THEN the work started. I needed to get everyone else ready. Yikes.

Now, let’s talk about involving the whole family in organizing, so you can SAVE time and SAVE energy.

Well, here you go! 5 Ways to Involve Family in Organization.

Create an Organization System                                             

 Your families Organization System should be easy and should be inclusive to all family members in your home, even the littles. Your system NEEDS to reflect you and your family’s needs. To do this effectively, really consider how you use each room in your home and how each person in your home organizes. It does not have to be perfect or complicated. Actually, simple is better!


  Everyone in your home must understand and agree to the expectations. For instance, in our home the expectation is that at the end of the day we have clean floors, counters, and sinks. Clean floors means that we clean up all of the toys and anything that has fallen on the floor during the day. We do not vacuum everyday or mop. After meals, we clean off the counters, do the dishes, and make sure the sink is cleaned. Pretty simple, but it makes our home feel much cleaner.


I love a label! I borrowed my parents label makers months ago and I am not sure I am giving it back. It makes me happy to label everything! If you do not have a label maker I suggest chalkboard labels, Dry Erase Tape, etc. For small children, a picture label can be helpful. This helps the whole family know what belongs in the specific storage bin or container. The use of labels does have an increased success rate of items always going back to their home!

Plus…you will not be accused of nagging BECAUSE your labels will speak for themselves.

Set aside TIME

Yes, people we are all busy. Your busy badge will need to be set down for a moment, so you can be intentional about maintaining your home. The same goes for everyone in it! It will take you less time, if you do a little everyday. Motivation – more FREEDOM to do the things you enjoy. Every night, we spend about 20 minutes picking up. Come Saturday…ITS FAMILY day all day. A timer can really work to motivate the whole family to pick up. You can even make it a game! You will be surprised at how much you can do.

Intentional Living Tip: If you have not already set standards for clean in your home, I would greatly encourage you to have the conversation. When you begin to use your time more intentionally and set aside purposeful cleaning time, you will really be surprised at how much more time you will have at the end of the day and weekends. PLUS – you will really enjoy the ENERGY boost you will have in the AM when you wake up to a CLEAN house.

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I am a hardworking, full-time mother of two beautiful children under the age of two. When I became a mother for the first time almost 2 years ago, I changed greatly. Being a mother is one of the most amazing roles and I am grateful for the blessing. It is also one of the most challenging jobs, whether you are a working mother or a stay at home mom. Working through postpartum depression, I determined that the challenges of motherhood and life seemed to be overshadowing the many joys of motherhood. With much research, I found that the same words continued to pop up: intentional, purposeful, and mindful. This led me to start thinking about how I can be more intentional, purposeful, and mindful in all aspects in my life. The thought is really profound and overwhelming because it could be a major change for my family. I believe in this change and I am jumping into this journey with the great support of my husband. Here I am blogging about my journey. Please join me!

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