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Do you currently have a workstation or a quiet place for your child to sit, color, write, or do homework independently?

During the school year, do you find that there are books all over, pencils, and other materials in various places? Do you find that your child is constantly getting up and looking for a pencil, the sharpener, or other materials to complete a task?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may need to consider adding the following to your home:

Whether your child is a toddler or in high school, studies show that a workstation is essential for their learning and development. In my opinion this should be a place that they can read, draw, write, etc. It should have everything they will or may need to complete their work, then they will be less likely to become distracted and can complete work efficiently.

Where should this workstation be built?

I think this is an individual preference based on the size of your home, parental opinion, and child’s learning needs. For some, the child may find it easy to work in their own controlled environment in their room or other location. They may work independently enough where this is the best for their learning needs. However, for other students it may be more beneficial to eliminate distractions and to be more accessible if they are in a common area of the home. You will need to access your own home and your child’s needs to determine the best location for this station.

What should the workstation include?

It is important for the workstation to have a table or desk that the child can work out of. It is better for their posture, penmanship, and attention, they can work from this type of space.

I am a firm believer that their workstation needs to have storage and organization. It should have a place for all of the tools your child may need to complete their tasks. This could include a ruler, a hole punch, paper, a printer, stapler, tape, glue, pencils, pens, highlighters, post Рits, art materials, calculator, and any reference resources needed. Having everything needed in one place prevents the child from needing to wonder to find something increasing the likelihood of getting distracted and preventing them from working efficiently. The materials used will vary based on age and study.

Potential Desks with Storage:

Potential Options for Organization:

Optional Fun for Organization:

How do you eliminate distractions as much as possible?

  • Have a dedicated place to put their phone, so it is out of sight and allow breaks to check it.
  • Set limits on social media until their homework is completed.
  • Remove TV or other distractions from the space.
  • Consult your child and review their needs in terms of what helps them in their space.

Use to hold cell phones, desk materials, and tablets.

This is very individual. For me, I like to have music, but I have to choose it. This helps me focus. I can function, most days, in a noisy environment.

I also need the ability to take small breaks to exercise or do some sort of short activity. I keep free weights near my workstation, so I can get a little activity in. OR I use an app to get some exercise in.

My niece and nephew take a short Go-Noodle Break. My daughter loves it too! It is a quick little break to get all of the wiggles out and start focusing again.

What do you do about important papers to sign or to show off?

It is inevitable that there will be important papers to sign off on. Additionally, your children will bring home artwork or test scores to show off. Where do you put these to prevent clutter?

I recommend using this workstation as the central home for these or another place in your home that serves as your command center.

If you do not always have a place for important papers that need action, like in your command center, then you may want to add a small basket to this workstation. It would be a place for your children to place this information for you, you would review it, take action, and send it back to school, if need be. You could also consider reviewing the information in their folder everyday after school and keeping actionable items in a basket or place in your command center.

As for the fun stuff we want to show off! I recommend these great little shadow boxes that hang on the hall. You can keep or change out their latest art project or assignment to display for others to see.

Once a new project or assignment is available for display, then you can add the old project or picture to a memory box or scan and use to make a book as a keepsake.

This serves as positive reinforcement for the child and is a great way to keep them motivated to do well!

Intentional Living Tip: Create a sustainable workstation for your child and stock it with all of the necessities they will need for their specific season of life. This will vary by age of course; but having the daily tools that they may use in the classroom setting will help them to become more efficient and organized on their school journey.

For more assistance, download the free printable checklist here!


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