Simple Solutions to Mornings Little Challenges

Get Ready in an Organized space to reduce wasted time and stress

The Mom struggle is REAL in the MORNING! We all have experienced it. It can cause a lot of stress for us as moms, but also for the rest of our family. So, this school year, let’s do a few things to help reduce the morning STRESS!

All scenarios below may or may not have been taken from my real life – so I would be lying if I said this wasn’t me.

Scenario 1:

As you stumble into the bathroom, it may take you a moment to find your contacts. Then you go to find a hair tie and get frustrated because you are digging through a drawer of hair ties, bobbie pins, make up, and other miscellaneous items. Your energy is already zapped. You are agitated. Does this sound like anything you have experienced?

How do you fix this?

Well, the bathroom is a simple place, but like any room in your home clutter seems to sneak its way in. It also, depending on size of the bathroom, can be a relatively easy place to organize and inexpensive to. To solve this problem, simply purge any old, expired, or products that you do not use anymore. Even if you think you may or they were samples of some kind – get rid of them.

Then I recommend simple drawer organizers. You can find these almost anywhere, but the cheaper ones are not always labeled drawer organizers or marketed in this way. Any tiny or thin basket will do.

I recommend measuring the space you are working with. In this example, measure the drawer. Then categorize the items that you plan to keep in the drawer. Determine how many containers you may need.

An option like the one shown below offer several different sizes and is relatively inexpensive. Easy to use and re-use.

Options for Repurposed organizers:

  • Mint containers or other small containers like this
  • Cut down cereal boxes for long, thin organizers
  • Soap boxes
  • Cut down shampoo, conditioner, or lotion bottles

Simple Intentional Living Trick: If you like things pretty, simply cover the container with a designed contact paper, paint, or gift wrap.

Scenario 2:

Another struggle – as a mom you have 5 minutes to put your make up on. Likely, unless you got up early, you have people in the bathroom with you. They are pulling on you, asking for things, and in the way – just a little bit. It is distracting and hard to early grab the make up you need. And occasionally – you may get a little carried away with yourself in a rush and trying to cover up the crazed, mom tired look…Later that day when you realized that you are at work and can actually pee in privacy – you realize that you look like a clown, sometimes a hooker – sometimes a clown hooker. It happens.

How the hell do we prevent this?

Well, I am not sure I can really prevent the clown hooker vibe because embarrassingly so it still happens occasionally. BUT that is another story. I organize my make up. Some people will organize their make up and their brushes with really cute organizers. This is absolutely gorgeous and you can totally do that. I am a little simpler.

I have my make up separated by my everyday make up – mascara, eyeliner, brow pencil, foundation, powder, and bronzer. These are my 5 minute face products.

Then all of the other fun shadows and other items go in another bag. I know they are there if I want to use them, but I likely will not get overwhelmed looking for all of my normal 5 minute face products. It saves me time.

OPTIONS: let’s be real this girl loves options.

You can absolutely use the same bins from the drawer organization talked about above or just use small make up bags or pencil bags/boxes. It is back to school – these will be clearance out soon!

Repurposed and Organized:

  • Small vases or jars are great for make up brushes.
  • Small boxes or containers – same as what you used for the drawers for your make up.

Simple Intentional Living Trick: Add a little class or color by adding some fillers like marbles to the jars. Cover the containers with gift wrap, contact paper, or paint. Spray paint is cheap, easy, and fast!

Scenario 3:

You have 10 people that live in your home and one bathroom. The STRUGGLE is super real because everyone needs to use the bathroom and leave the house around the same time. Been there…

Create “Getting Ready Stations” for your children. These stations can be in their room or another part of the house that would make sense. Pretty simple to create. These suggestions are age/child dependent of course.

Example of this type of set up:

Your daughter has a desk in her room. Add a simple mirror. Then use similar organizers as mentioned for the bathroom for her hair ties, bobby pins, and other accessories.

Potential Needs:

  • Mirror – either a small one for the desk, one hanging on the wall, or a full length mirror. It is back to school season, so much of this will be found in the dorm section.
  • Organization for their belongings – bath caddy’s are really excellent for organizing a lot of different materials. Another dorm room section find.
  • Hair accessories: hair ties, bobby pins, hair spray, flat iron, hair dryer, etc.
  • Place for make up or other skin care needs.

Another Tip: If you should have multiple bathrooms, then make sure you are very intentional about what is needed in each room. How does your family use each bathroom differently?

Now that our bathrooms and “Getting Ready Stations” are organized we are in a good place, but there is much more to do.

For more information on a productive morning, click the link below to an earlier post of mine for more morning tips.

5 Steps to a PRODUCTIVE Morning

Intentional Living Tip: Mornings can be challenging, but with organization and prep work you can get your family out of the door on time (most days) without the drama! This week, ask you family what will help them get out of the house on time.

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