Solutions for Keeping Your Kids Clothes Organized

Get Ready in an Organized space to reduce wasted time and stress

When you are trying to find clothes for your children is it an Epic game of Where’s Waldo? Can your children (even the younger ones) find their clothes independently?

As you know, I aim to give my children as much responsibility and independence (age appropriate of course) as I can. I try to involve them in picking up and little things around the house as they are still both under 3. But it is never to early to learn the importance of putting your clothes away.

So – What does this look like?

In my daughter’s room, we have a pretty simple armoire. These are excellent for storing clothes, but often need a little added structure for prime organization. Her clothes are separated into…yup you guessed it…fabric bins. I do love a fabric bin. Yes, of course it is labeled.

Pretty simple. Her clothes are separated by short sleeve, long sleeve, shorts, pants, and dresses. She also has two drawers – one for socks/underwear and one for sweat shirts. We have not added pictures to her bins, but that is the next step for us. We will add pretty simple pictures showing her what is in her bins, so she can more easily select her outfits. Although, she does this pretty well today…sometimes 6 times that day! YIKES.

My son has a pretty simple dresser. It still need a little organization though. Drawers are sectioned by category. Socks, PJs, shirts, and pants/shorts. As seasons change, I plan to add drawer organizers to keep the long sleeved/short sleeved shirts separate and the pants/shorts separate.

This is a pretty easy afternoon project – if you want to knock something out today or over this long weekend. You will thank yourself!

Another quick tip, I have used since I had my first child, setting up her closet for future clothes. There are a couple of options for this, but it will save you time and potentially even money in the future.

Before she was born, I was overwhelmed by the amount of clothes she received in sizes anywhere from newborn to 24 months. Let me be clear I was incredibly grateful but overwhelmed. We have a small place and I did not know where to store everything and did not want to forget something and then later find it once she had outgrown it.

We made space in her nursery closet to have labeled bins for the common age ranges. I labeled bins for 3 – 6 months, 6 – 9 months, 9- 12 months, 12 – 18 months, and 24 months. As people bought us clothes, they were washed, folded and placed in their appropriate bin. Great thing is that it was easy to switch out the clothes once she had grown out of a particular size and I knew where everything was.

We have since moved into a house, but it is still pretty small. There is not a lot of storage space. There are pros and cons to this of course. BUT that is another story.

I needed to have a similar option, but did not necessarily have that amount of space to store everything for both kids.

So, I went simple. They each have two bins: one labeled too big and one too small. As they grow out of clothes, they are washed and placed here. As they move to the next size up, I add in the new clothes to the dressers and all clothes too small are moved into a plastic tote for storing.

It honestly, makes like easier because kids grow quickly and they do not grow out of everything at the same time. BUT the process of packing all the clothes up and moving things around can really take a day depending on how many children. This cuts the time down to practically nothing. I recently did this for both children about a month ago – it took about an 1 hour total!

Intentional Living Tip: Schedule an afternoon to tackle this project. It is a fairly inexpensive solution that will save you time and money in the end! I want to see you free yourself from this struggle and let me know how it helps!

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