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I used to go grocery shopping and then become almost paralyzed when it was time to be everything away in just pure overwhelm. There was no order in my pantry and food was seemingly tossed in every corner.

This not only led to overwhelm when putting away my groceries, but also when trying to prepare a meal for my family. There were times that this was so overwhelming, we went out to eat instead of making a meal.

So, this was a costly problem financially and health wise. We needed to make different choices. I decided to go through the cupboards and my double lazy-susan.

I then Purged, Categorized, Labeled Bins, and Organized. When it was done, it was a sight of pure beauty. Only a tired mom that loves to organize would say that…probably.

Bonus – it actually stayed organized. I have said this before, but the label does matter. Not just on a great pair of shoes, bag, or dress. But on your bin. It is a great visual to others where something should go or where it belongs. Surprisingly, it works. So simple.

Here are a few little options for this simple, afternoon project:

Simple shorter bins work really well for cupboards. I use these to hold Food Types or Categories. I.e. Breads, Rice/Pastas, snacks, etc.

Simple containers like these shown above are excellent for cereals, oats, trail mixes, etc. Possibilities are pretty endless. They keep food very well and are easy to stack.


If you do not have these simple, shelves for in your frig, cupboard, and pantry, you may want to consider purchasing them. They are great for increasing the amount of storage space you have. They can also be used in the bathroom or other areas in the home that need additional storage.


Can Storage is another great thing to consider. Organizing your cans like this can help you better be able to visualize what you have. I also recommend Magazine holders for a cheaper option that works just as well.

This is a simple example of how I used bins in my cupboard for a more organized, approach.

Intentional Living Tip: When it comes to  storage in your kitchen, select items that can easier be washed. It is not uncommon for food to get spilled. If you do not have an easily washable bin available, you can line the bin with shelf liners. It does not have to be pretty, but it will allow you to more easily wipe it out when little messes happen.

If there is an area of your home that is causing you any type of overwhelm, it is not dramatic. Our environments have a great affect on our mood. Take a moment, to determine what change you can make to boost your energy!

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I am a hardworking, full-time mother of two beautiful children under the age of two. When I became a mother for the first time almost 2 years ago, I changed greatly. Being a mother is one of the most amazing roles and I am grateful for the blessing. It is also one of the most challenging jobs, whether you are a working mother or a stay at home mom. Working through postpartum depression, I determined that the challenges of motherhood and life seemed to be overshadowing the many joys of motherhood. With much research, I found that the same words continued to pop up: intentional, purposeful, and mindful. This led me to start thinking about how I can be more intentional, purposeful, and mindful in all aspects in my life. The thought is really profound and overwhelming because it could be a major change for my family. I believe in this change and I am jumping into this journey with the great support of my husband. Here I am blogging about my journey. Please join me!

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