Essential Oils in Laundry

6 Essential Oils to add to laundry and 3 options to do so!

I am a BLEACH girl. I love the smell of it. To me it means CLEAN. Ask my roommates in collage about my bleaching habits or my husband. He has time and time again come in the bathroom to a cloud of bleach, turned on the fan, and opened all of the windows.

Then we had children. One day, I was wiping down the bathroom with Clorox wipes. My daughter, a cleaner after my own heart, reached for the wipes. I immediately went into panic mode and took the container away from her. YES…I know bad mom for even leaving them down where she could reach.

I realized in that moment that I did not want to use products that I felt were hazardous to her in my home at all. So, I started reaching and I am slowing switching over my cleaning products to all natural, create myself stuff! So far it has been a game changer!

A few months ago, I did some research and really took a look at my options for laundry. I have tried other greener laundry products, but never have really found anything yet to stand up to my children’s messes. I am still working toward this.

I use Tide Free and Clear in my laundry. Great Stain lifting and fewer chemicals. A little gentler, similar to Dreft Detergent.

BUT I had read all of these great things about essential oils. As you know, I have a new found love and appreciation for an essential oil.

Here are my top 6 Essential Oils for Laundry:


Lemon essential oil is great for cleaning. It has a nice fresh scent and great disinfectant properties.


This essential oil has also been known to have great disinfectant properties. In my research, a lot of people use this during cold and flu season to help disinfect their laundry and bedding! It is worth a try this season.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is one of my all time favorites. It is a powerful disinfectant, kills mold and mildew, and kills dust mites. I use it in my all purpose cleaner. BUT for laundry this is my go to about once a month to clean all of the curtains and bedding to help remove the dust mite allergen from our home.


Thyme is also a powerful disinfectant. Through my research, I found several articles siting that it was used during WWII to disinfect hospitals. Seems pretty legit to me!


Another awesome disinfectant with a great, pleasant scent.


Lavender is a pretty common essential oil. Its properties are said to be very calming. It is often found in lotions and bath soap to help littles go to sleep. I like to use this in our wash for bedding and PJs.

The fun part with all of this is that you can literally use any essential oil you would like if you are just looking for a great scent in your laundry. Some individuals choose their scent based on how the essential oil makes them feel, ie energized, calm, etc. You can mix and match scents too!

You are likely wondering about how to add this to your wash?? 

You have a couple of options. All are super simple and effective.

Option 1:

Add about 4-6 drops into the wash cycle.

Option 2:

Add about 4-6 drops into a mixture of water and baking soda. Just simply add this to the softner part of the washer.

This is my favorite method.

Option 3:

Add 4-6 drops to a cloth or towel. Toss this in with your laundry in the dryer. Similar to a dryer sheet. This will add a nice fresh scent to your clothes!

I like to combine option 2 and 3!

Intentional Living Tip: If you are interesting in cleaning with greener products, do a little research and start creating your own products. It is quick and easy!

Post your tips and tricks to the Home Intentionally Facebook Community! We are always interested in fun new ways to clean our homes with more intention.

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