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Last night had its share of frustrations. I hate…I mean REALLY hate spending time…wasting time running around looking for things. It is a waste of my time and energy. Both of which I really have little of in this season of life. If they were animals, they would definitely be on an endangered species list. Maybe a little over dramatic, but it is a legit concern.

Have you ever run around SEARCHING for something you use EVERYDAY?!?! The thought literally makes me want to scream. Last night, I spent several minutes searching for my┬áson’s lotion. He has eczema so it is important that we use a specific lotion daily. We literally use this EVERYDAY…MULTIPLE times a day! UGH!

Seriously, just thinking about it, I can feel the tensions and the frustrations rising inside of me. Not only are you frustrated because you cannot find something you need, but then emotions take over and you start telling stories. The blame game starts. You start ranting to yourself about how this would not be LOST if someone put it away!

Holy Moly! Do you ever have a simple task just spiral out of control like this? It can really ruin a morning, a day, or an evening. The anxiety is felt by everyone. Can it be prevented?

The answer is YES. We go through life experiencing several little frustrations like this on the daily. Anything from not being able to find something, to tripping over the shoes that your significant other left by the stairs, or to feeling completely overwhelmed by the pile of never ending “to-dos” that seem to end up on your counter.

These are problems or frustrations. We know they exist, but they have become embedded in our daily life. The stress related to these are actually affecting everything. They are affecting our health, our relationships, and our ability to truly be productive. They waste our time and our energy. Sometimes, they even waste our money.

We absolutely NEED to address these issues. We need to create systems in our home to prevent this NEVER ending cycle. Let’s make a pledge to STOP this NOW.

Here are our STEPS:


When you are in the thick of racing around looking for the lotion, you will likely not be in a place to reflect. You are in survival mode.

You know that these issues are in your home. We all have them. Today, we can take some time to reflect on your daily activities and routine. Make a list of all of the things that cause you stress, the problems that exist in your home. This could include the list of things that tend to pile up on flat surfaces, things that you are always searching for, or points in your day that cause you stress.


Take a look at the LIST. The things that care causing you stress. Identify the problem around these frustrations. Example, I have a lot of clutter on my counter. That is your frustration. The problem is that you have mail, kid art projects, and your work materials stacked up on the counter BECAUSE you do not have a place for these objects OR the place you do have does not work OR has not been communicated to the members of your family.


Once you know the Problem, then we need to determine a solution and take action. Often the solutions are simple and at the heart of it we know the solution. It may be purchasing materials to organize your space or adding a system to work through paper clutter.

In the example above our problems that we have a mail, kid art projects, and work materials piled on the counter because they do not have a home or a system.

The solution: We will add a basket or command center to house mail. Each week, we will review the mail. This will be designated time to shred, recycle, or pay. Address anything that you need to.

For the art projects: this can be a challenging place for us moms. You have options. Make a memory box to store important art work or other things, display art work in a shadow box/the frig, or scan to put in an electronic book.

You have a pile of work related materials. DO the materials need to be on the counter? Where do you work? Do you need an office space? Determine where these materials serve you and create a simple system.

Intentional Living Tip:

There are MANY challenges in life and motherhood. I will not sugar coat that. BUT there are ways that can make these challenges a little easier! If you notice a problem or a frustration in your life, do not ignore it. You cannot continue to do the same behaviors or the same steps over and over and expect different results. It will not happen. BUT you can make a small change and have very impactful results. Take time out of your busy day to fix one thing that causes you frustration. Control the things you can. Give to God the things you cannot.

I hope this helps you my friend! I have been there and obviously still experience this sometime. The difference is that I no longer just accept it. I take action and solve my problems. No one else can change your life like you can sister!

If you want more support or information on how to shift out of survival mode, then follow me in Home Intentionally. I have a course that takes a holistic approach to developing organization and productivity systems in your home for your family. There is also an amazing FB group – Home Intentionally. If this is for you, join the community!

Reach out to me for further coaching! I want to see you succeed sister!





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I am a hardworking, full-time mother of two beautiful children under the age of two. When I became a mother for the first time almost 2 years ago, I changed greatly. Being a mother is one of the most amazing roles and I am grateful for the blessing. It is also one of the most challenging jobs, whether you are a working mother or a stay at home mom. Working through postpartum depression, I determined that the challenges of motherhood and life seemed to be overshadowing the many joys of motherhood. With much research, I found that the same words continued to pop up: intentional, purposeful, and mindful. This led me to start thinking about how I can be more intentional, purposeful, and mindful in all aspects in my life. The thought is really profound and overwhelming because it could be a major change for my family. I believe in this change and I am jumping into this journey with the great support of my husband. Here I am blogging about my journey. Please join me!

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