Create an Inexpensive Dry Erase Board

dry erase board

It is no secret that I love to take notes and love a good checklist. In college, the whiteboard was one of my favorite ways to work out all of the chemistry and math problems that would swim relentlessly in my head until I solved them. It helps to tame the verbal processor in me I supposed.

In all honesty, it is relaxing for me. As a mom, I still have a relentless swirl of solutions, problems, and to-dos in my mind. It helps calm my mind and gives me some power over the constant thoughts in my mind. It helps give me focus and supports me to make sure that everything is completed with the least amount of stress.

Recently, I have been looking at my “command center” space. It has a place to organize our papers and a whiteboard calendar. It still did not seem to be enough. I wanted a large whiteboard, but this is an expensive request. I do love the challenge of trying to use what I have in my home to create what I desire.

So, I began to think about what I had. I have a poster frame. You know the cheaper ones with the plastic framing and plexiglass. Originally I wanted to just hang the frame with the calendar and note space. But then I decided to make it a little more realistic, more like a whiteboard.


Poster sized paper, wrapper paper, or some other base to use.

Plexiglass – whether purchased or part of a poster frame.

Post-it notes – or a printed calendar, grid pattern, etc.

Command strips or double sided tape

Optional – magnets, glue

Putting it together:

  1. You can do this little project quickly. Once you have your paper (use pattern or whatever makes you happy), lay it out on the table or flat surface.
  2. Save space at the top for the Month, Year.
  3. Place 5 rows of post-its on the paper. You can measure it out perfectly or I challenge you to just take action. You could also use electrical tape to create a grid or use a printed calendar for this space.
  4. Add a space for weekly notes, gratitude lists, quotes, cleaning schedule, or shopping list. This could be left as blank space or printed out.
  5. Add double sided tape to the paper and fix to the plexiglass.
  6. On the back of the paper, add command strips and attach to the wall.

Super simple and fun! It took me about 10 – 15 minutes. This project could cause you to fixate on perfection, but I recommend that you just put it together. If you look at mine, I only added 4 rows because I only had 28 post-its available at the time. Yes, I will be going back to add or change, but it is a process.


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