Bathroom Organization Made Easy

A life without love is like a year without summer.

Have you ever gotten up in the morning only to realize that you cannot find you underwear, work pants, the shirt you were hoping to wear, any of your make up, or a brush?!?! Those are just the things YOU need. You have not even begun to wake up your family yet to help get them going. It is only 5:30 AM and you are already stressed and running behind.

Sound familiar?

Mornings can be a very stressful time. When we start our days in a fit of stress, we pass that allow to our children and our significant others. They start their days in a stressed place and no one starts off where they need to for success. Unfortunately, that feeling of stress and overwhelm is often carried with us throughout our days.

I know that all to well. The moment when you get to your workstation, but you are still so stressed from the morning it is hard to let go and begin. UGH! You spend half the morning just trying to release the tension only to remember that now you are behind at work.

The never ending cycle. This is just one way that clutter is impacting your life. So, let’s talk about sustainable systems that can turn that stressful morning into one of organized freedom shall we?

Its in the little things

One of the biggest challenges in the bathroom is all of the little odds and ends that we use daily or on a semi – regular basis that fill our cabinets, drawers, and showers. All the things that we use to get ready, our children use to get ready, and our significant other uses. All the things!

Simple solutions here. We need small boxes, drawer organizers, anything that contain the chaos. Remember these are likely things that you have in your home or that are fairly easy to purchase/find in stores.

Let’s talk about it.

Candle Containers – Yes, I love the warm glow of a candle and I surely like the pretty jars they come in. Have you ever purchased a candle based on the allure of the jar? I am pretty sure I have. I know that is how I have selected wine – just like with that it does not always turn out well. Anyways – these beautiful jars can easily be used for storage after the candle has met its last day.

  1. Place jar in the freezer for 12 – 24 hours.
  2. Take the jar out and remove wax. Should come out fairly easy.
  3. Remove label and clean jar.
  4. Put stuff in it!

Small jars and boxes – These jars can be simple apothecary jars (can be found anywhere including Dollar Tree), plastic jars or small containers, or boxes (jewelry boxes or box lids work wonders for this.

We know that we have options for storage. Let’s talk about how to get to that point.


Roll or fold symmetrically for a more organized look. If you have multiple colors, arranging them from light to dark can also help them appear more organized.

Other options include: a wine rack or a basket for an organized look infused with a touch of unique décor.


Yes, my friends. You may have watched this play out with pretty little post-its on the first Sex and the City Movie. I know I did. Carrie goes through her closet before she sells her apartments and labels things Take or Toss. I believe she takes a lot of the things, but that is another topic.

Go through each drawer one at a time. Make a quick decision about whether to toss, donate, or keep the item. Now, the bathroom tends to be one of the easier places to do this because most things in our bathroom are not sentimental. Those things tend to hold us back a little. If you come across something like this, set it aside. We will discuss sentimental things later.

Okay, good work. You have categorized everything into piles – TOSS DONATE KEEP

Take the TOSS items to the garbage or recycling. Items to DONATE should go to your car immediately. You do not want time to rethink it and bring it back in. It happens – trust me.


Okay – you have a pile of things, all the things you would like to keep. These items serve you. They bring you joy. WONDERFUL! Now, we need to give it a home. That is our prime goal. It needs a home that makes sense to you and everyone that uses it.

Place the items in the keep pile into new piles. These piles will likely represent like objects. Example – Make up, Hair brushes, Styling Tools, Products, Lotions, etc. You can further break these piles down later.

Take a look at what you have. Do you need any containers or anything to contain the chaos in the drawers?

Remember, at first it may look nice when you put it away in the drawer, but our goal is for it to be functional and sustainable. Will it stay looking like this or does it need a little support?

In the bathroom it will likely need support. If you can repurpose something in your home – go for it! I love saving money. If you need to purchase supplies, you can do that too. Make sure you determine a budget. You do not need a big budget or the most luxurious things. These will likely be in drawers or behind doors. Do what brings you joy.

Put everything away neatly.

I recommend a short discussion with family, if they were not involved in the process. Let them know what you plan to do, why you are doing it, and follow up with an explanation of the new home for all of the things. It is important to ask as you review with them, if the placement of the object (especially something of theirs or a community object) makes sense. It will not stay where YOU want it to, if it does NOT make sense to EVERYONE!

Let’s talk decision fatigue briefly. We make a lot of decisions in the AM. What we will eat, if we will have coffee or tea, what we will wear, etc. If you can limit the decisions you are making, you will be more successful in making the REAL decisions later in the day. Those decisions will affect work, life, etc.

Ladies, for your make up, consider sectioning out the make up you use daily. I have a lot of make up and products. I do not use most of it on your average morning. So, instead of having to look at it all or decide what if any of it I want to use, I have the stuff I know I will use out and available. No decision needed!

Consider the decisions you make in the morning and how you use the space. Do not over complicate it or strive for perfection. Strive for simplification. Strive for good enough to get you out the door in a happier mood!

Intentional Living Tip:

Get in that bathroom and de-clutter. Get rid of the products you do not use, are damaged, or no longer meet your values. Donate any unopened products that you do not like or do not use. Keep anything that brings you joy or serves you. There is no defined list or limit. This is personal. Then get to organizing. It will get worse before it gets better. Do not let that overwhelm you. There will be a mess for a moment as you work through the process. BUT when it is done. It is all about maintenance!

Want more support to take a deeper dive into all the things in your home. Need a coach, someone to hold you accountable, and guide you through all the challenges.

Check out Courses. Not sure what you need at this point because you are overwhelmed? Reach out to me. I would love to talk and help you get started.

Want more information on a morning routine or want more tips for an organized bathroom? Check these out.

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I am always supporting you,





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