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Hello Friends! So glad you stopped by.


Hello Friends!

I am a strong, resilient woman on a mission to use the beautiful gifts I was given to help women find themselves again and thrive in their motherhood, their lives. The value of quality time with your family is priceless. I want to help create space in your home, mind, and schedule, so that you achieve and do anything you want. 


My Journey starts with a story

As a mom of two toddlers, I found myself in a place of overwhelm, chronic fatigue, and feeling like a failure almost EVERY MOMENT of EVERY DAY. I had lost myself. My current state was affecting my relationships. I was NOT the mother and wife I wanted to be.

I decided to take action. I saw my primary care provider and was diagnosed with postpartum depression. I saw a therapist and began taking care of myself little by little. I had a major mindset change that would set everything into motion.  I decided to see my depression as an opportunity. It was an opportunity for me to really dig deep, face some fears, and make major changes in my life.

I reconnected with who I am again! I created beautiful systems in my home. For the first time, I organized for my family. I learned how my children use the space and how my husband organized. I slowly began to feel empowered, put together, and find joy in motherhood.

I decided I could not keep all of this information to myself! I want to share it with you all. With moms like me that are looking for a better way. Moms that are seeking joy and want to thrive in their motherhood. Moms that understand how sweet and precious this time is. The ones that want to enjoy it.

Fun Facts about ME

  • As you know I am the mom of two toddlers and married the man I fell in love with in high school.
  • We enjoy frequent dance parties and signing Disney Princess songs at the top of our lungs. Our favorite song is “Pink Fire” also known as “Just Like Fire” by Pink.
  • If you ever see us out and about, it should not surprise you that one of us may be dressed as a super hero and we will likely need to SAVE the DAY at any moment.
  • Let’s be real. I think I could be a comedian…Maybe on SNL because I have a flare for sarcasm, wit, and anything inappropriate.
  • I am waiting for the Power Rangers to recruit me…yes I train just in case. And obviously, I would be the yellow one.
  • I love Jesus, but I swear like bit in both English and American Sign Language.

Can't wait to hear more about you!

Seriously, I want to know more about you. Your story matters. Telling my story has helped me grow and inspire others. Everyone has a story to tell. Reach out to me at I cannot wait!


Ashley Strong

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