Home Intentionally Manifesto

We believe in a world where time is well spent, it is not rushed or overwhelming. Where there is space in our minds, schedules, and homes to focus on all the things that we enjoy. 

Owning an intentional life is not about perfection or Instagram worthy photos. It is about returning to the focus to our values. It is about creating a life and home that cultivates our growth, education, joy, and relaxation. It is the place that we can always return to that makes us feel whole, loved, and calm. 

Being an intentional momma does not mean that we will never cry, make a mistake, or that our homes will always be spotless. It does mean that we will live each day, each moment with intention. We understand that life is too short to focus on all of the small things that steal our joy and prevent us from living our best life. 

We will give ourselves permission to care for ourselves and make sure our cup is full, so we can care for others. We will not sacrifice our dreams, but show our children what living our dream looks like. 

We will engage in frequent dance parties to celebrate when things are challenging and for no reason at all. We will make decisions based on our values and needs, not social norms or expectations. 

We accept that motherhood is full of servitude and really challenging. BUT we know it is a blessing and deserving of our best selves. We will clear our minds, calendars, and hearts to all of the possibilities this world has for us. 

We will remain open to change and understand that this is all a process. There will be days that we fall. There will be times we need a shoulder to cry on. We do not and should not mom alone. 

Know that there is a community dedicated to the calm of a clean, organized home, a calendar of less, and a life of joy waiting for you. 

If this brings your joy or resonates with you, join our movement.